· Search of alternative energy investments.  Over 12000 MW of projects (roughly equivalent to 18000 million Euros) have been found and evaluated. The best ones were chosen, a first simplified due diligence was done on them, and were introduced to international investors as investment funds, investment banks and family offices. These projects include wind, photovoltaic, biomass, mini hydroelectric and waste to energy, having been found in 16 countries (Spain, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Equator, Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, India, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and United Kingdom).

· Search of location for a railroad machinery factory in Toledo, Spain.

· Analysis of investment for the creation of a new company of construction quality control.

· Search and analysis of investment for a new construction and real estate company.

· Analysis of investment for the creation of a company devoted to the production of ground white marble in Macael ( Almería ).